Welcome to our group page. Our research focus encircles the application of hydrogen as future energy carrier. Hydrogen has been recognized as a potential alternative energy carrier to the fossil energy not only due to its “greenness” but also its high energy density per unit mass. Therefore, we devote our research effort in tackling one of the main challenges in realizing hydrogen economy - hydrogen storage & delivery. 

Research Interests:

Primary Research area:


1) design and synthesize materials for hydrogen production, storage and delivery mainly for the following applications:

     a) Mobile / portable hydrogen storage system for on-  board vehicular application

     b) Stationary hydrogen storage system for off-grid power supply at remote area

 2) design and develop hybrid organic and inorganic materials for gas storage or catalysis application.

Research Opportunities

1. MSc & PhD 

"From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow" by Aeschylus

2. MSc (Mixed-mode)

News & Events


28/11/2019  The two teams from our research group (Team 1: Nor Izzati Binti Nordin and Tan Khai Chen, Team 2: Kelly Loke Kah Yee, Lau Thorng En, Rachel Teo Hui May and Adeline Chong Neian) have won Gold and Bronze Awards, respectively, in ICC competition. Bravo!

11/9/2019  Dr Chua was invited to give a keynote speech at International Conference on Multifunctional and Hybrid Composite Materials for Energy, Environment and Medical applications (ICMHCEE 2019) at National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India.  

14/8/2019  Our students presented their research projects at 7th International Conference for Young Chemist (ICYC 2019) at Bayview Hotel Georgetown, Penang.

12/8/2019  Welcome Azilbek Laila and Kuntubek Sandugash (Al-Farabi Kazakh National University) for research attachement.

28/6/2019  Congratulations to Nor Izzati and Cassie Chan Jia Shin  for successfully defending their MSc mixed mode dissertations.

28/6/2019  Congratulations to our final year project (FYP) students (Aida, Fazielah, Joanne and Joe Ding) for successfully defending their theses.

1/6/2019  Our Msc student, Tan Khai Chen, continues his research attachment at Prof. Chen Ping's research group at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

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